Parents FAQ

Preparing for Photo Day -Great excitement, Photo Day is coming up!

Wearing colourful clothing that goes with your child’s complexion and eye colour works best, but even wearing white can also lead to a beautiful “high key” portrait. We use a white backdrop for a clean, modern look. Professional lighting brings out the detail in both cases. Please make sure hair is trimmed so it is not in the eyes.

Putting thought into the outfit and hair for Photo Day is so worth it, when every detail is captured in the beautiful final portrait! Please let the teacher know any preferences for hair or outfit before class starts. Remind children to keep their “special shoes” on.

Encourage your child to cooperate with the photographer, but try to refrain from practicing “cheesy” smiles.  Natural expressions are always best.

Online Proof Viewing & Ordering

Approximately two weeks following Photo Day You will be provided with a unique access key and a “Ready to View” Date. Once that date has arrived, you can log on to our website and click on the ORDER PHOTOS link. With the provided access key, you can view your child’s Portrait Gallery. Four proofs are typically provided.

The order deadline will be provided with your unique key and is about a week after proofs become available for viewing.


  1. Make sure to wait until the date specified for your Portrait Gallery to be ready or you will get an error message. 
  2. When entering your access key and email address, be aware NOT to include a space before or after either the email or access key. The program will read it as the wrong format (a common occurrence when using the cut & paste method of entering them).

Note: If you would rather order photos by email, please attach fillable order form pdf (include security answer in email) & then send e-transfer (clearly designate your child’s Preschool/Centre, Class & Name in the message part of e-transfer). To pay by cheque, fill out the form and print it. Mail it to our address on the Contact Us page of the website.

Order Form PDF’s

Prices on Order Forms include taxes (they are not included online) so the prices do not look the same. The forms are fillable, fill out all details of your order including your child’s name, their class and Preschool/Centre Name. Download the form, selecting “With your changes”.

Photo Package Delivery

Approximately two weeks after the order deadline date, your photo packages will be delivered to the Preschool or Child Care Centre. This is a very exciting day for teachers too as they love to see the final portraits of your child and the rest of their class!

Late Orders

If for any reason you are not able to order your photos by the due date, you can still order. We do charge a $10 late fee and your photos will be either delivered to the centre or mailed (depending on our schedule & location). Your portrait Gallery will still be accessible for several weeks past the due date.